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The Best Engaging Board Games for 4-Year-Olds 

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These entertaining board games for 4-year-olds will get them thinking strategically as they play and learn!

Board games are a great way to engage your four-year-olds in the world of play. Board games can be educational and fun simultaneously, which is why they’re so appealing to children who are still learning and stretching their brain muscles!

Board games also give kids an opportunity to develop vital skills such as strategic thinking and taking turns with others. Board games can help teach children valuable lessons about literacy, numeracy, cooperation, competition, and more.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

For Age: Ages 4+

Number of Players: 4

Hungry Hippo is a game that assures you a good time. When you drop all the marbles onto the game base, get ready to engage in the feeding frenzy, for all the hippos will be chewing, and your hippo will need to move quickly.

You win if your hippo chomps the golden stone. Hungry Hungry Hippos features four hippo heads and bodies, as well as marbles for them to chomp on. The game has Twenty marbles; within the twenty marbles, there is just one golden marble. 

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

For Age: Ages 4+

Number of Players: 7

Zingo is a game made by ThinkFun’s and is considered to be the most successful, having won numerous awards, including the Oppenheim Gold Award and the Parents’ Choice Gold Award. It’s a fun pre-reading game for youngsters aged four and above, and it makes a wonderful holiday or birthday gift. 

Zingo is created with high-quality materials and comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual; you’ll be ready to play within minutes of receiving it. Like all of ThinkFun’s games, Zingo is designed to improve critical thinking skills while also being a fun and challenging pastime. Your kid’s linguistic skills will improve with time if they play this game.


For Age: Ages 3-6

Number of Players: 2-4 players

You play this game by placing your chip on the relevant animal on the board after playing an animal card from your hand. Use a unicorn card to set your chip wherever, or a dragon card to remove an opponent’s chip, to add excitement to the game. 

The player who gets four chips in a row first wins! This engaging strategy game aids in the development of logical reasoning abilities. It is not necessary to read for you to play.

Ravensburger World of Disney Eye

For Age: Ages 4+

Number of Players: 1-6

On the bright, six-foot-long gaming board, search for hidden treasures and favorite Disney characters! This game is a family favorite because of the enormous playing board filled with quirky artwork and famous Disney characters. From Radiator Springs and Alice’s Wonderland to Peter Pan’s NeverLand and Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood, join Mickey Mouse and company on an exhilarating race across 12 wonderfully illustrated Disney locations. Everyone looks for iconic Disney things throughout the race and gets to shout, “I found it!”

Hasbro Gaming Marvel Spider-Man Web Warriors Chutes & Ladders Game

For Age: Ages 36 months+

Number of Players: 4 players

Are you ready for a thrilling climbing and sliding adventure? Then this Spider-Man game of Chutes & Ladders game is for you. Pick a character, whether a hero or a villain and begin spinning the spinner! 

You win if you get to the 100th square first, and the ladders assist you in getting there faster.

But keep an eye out for the chutes since you could slide to the bottom of the board, thus being far from winning. 

You’ll have a lot of fun with this Spider-Man twist on the classic popular preschool game Chutes & Ladders, whether you’re playing as Spider-Man, Iron Spider, or even Green Goblin! 

Perfection Game Popping Shapes and Pieces Game

For Age: 4 and Up

Number of Players: 4 Players

With the Perfection game, you can quickly fit shapes and beat the blast! The kids have a limited amount of time to place all of their pieces in the tray. The player who matches them all first wins, but beware of the pop when the timer expires! 

If a player does not complete the game before the timer runs out, the pieces will fall out. The player who can match all nine shapes in the least amount of time is the winner! There are nine exciting puzzle pieces included: a dinosaur, a flower, a duck, a fish, a heart, a cloud, a turtle, the moon, and the sun. 

This is a terrific game for children ages four and above to play in the car or on the go because of its small, compact design.

Game Zone Diggin’ Doggies Board Game

For Age: Ages 3 and up

Number of Players: 2-4 players

No way! Your dog has completely lost all of his bones. Assist him in locating them and returning them to his doghouse. You will win if you are the first to assist your puppy in collecting all of his bones. Get their noses down to a bone and watch as their magnetic noses miraculously pick it up! 

This law of attraction will assist your canine companion in winning the game. It will be much easier to learn how to play this game than teaching your dog to fetch. Place all bones color-side down in each dugout area around the board, put the dogs in their kennels, and roll the die. Choose a direction and hop the number of spaces indicated by the dice.

 Pick up the bone where your puppy landed using your dog’s supernatural nose. Put the bone in your dog’s kennel if the color matches their coat; if not, return it to the dugout space and let the next player try their luck. Once players retrieve all three bones, their pup is very close to the triumph bark. 

Just make sure they return to the doghouse before the others do. Diggin’ Doggies is a fun indoor game for the whole family or a small group of pals. It teaches counting, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, game directions, and taking turns, all while having fun with your family. 

Boggle Junior

For Age: 3 and up

Number of Players: 1-2 players

Boggle is a beginning-level word game for kids that allows your preschooler to turn letters into words. With charming, bright illustrations, two separate matching games encourage diverse talents and levels. 

The letter cubes can be used as toys by very young players who enjoy discovering all of the alphabet letters on them. They can also look at the vivid pictures on the cards without playing with them. This entire game is a learning experience!

 Object and word identification, letter recognition and matching, spelling, sorting, and grouping, and even taking turns can all be practiced by your youngster.

Continuum Games – Digging Dino Bones Board Game

For Age: 4 and Up

Number of Players: 4 players

Calling all dino fans! This is a dinosaur-themed version of the classic “go fish” game. You’ve been hired as a paleontologist to locate the bones of a particular dinosaur. To win, search the excavation site for your Dino bone puzzle and be the first to find and put it together.

T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Pterodactyl fossil cards are available to players. This game is educational and keeps older minds sharp by testing your memory skills. It’s ideal if you’re seeking to develop your critical thinking abilities.

Pancake Pile-Up

For Age: Ages 4+

Number of Players: 4 players

This is a game where you have to get your customer their order exactly how they want it by relaying the other servers to the grill and piling up pancakes in the exact sequence they requested. The Pancake Pile-Up game is won by the first person (or team) to find them, stack them, and serve them on top with a pat of butter!

Check out our full Pancake Pile-Up review and video! A favorite game among our kids!

Daniel Tiger’s Welcome to Mainstreet

For Age: Ages 2 to 6 years old

Number of Players: 2-4 players

This entertaining game featuring the beloved Daniel Tiger character fosters interaction while also helping to develop social skills. Simple counting and coordination skills are repeated throughout the game as players stop by shops on Main Street to collect items for their backpacks. Briarpatch is known for its well-designed preschool games and puzzles all around the world.

If you’re looking for board games to help your four-year-old develop social skills and coordination, the list above will provide some excellent ideas. These games are engaging and easy enough for a child of this age group to play independently, so they don’t get frustrated or bored quickly. These are all great options from our perspective as parents who know what kids like. We hope they also work well in your home – which one is your favorite?

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