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This Pop It Board Game Combines Sensory Play and Learning

Pop It Board Game

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Pop it and learn with this fun Pop It Game! Learn colors and numbers while engaging in fun and relaxing sensory play.

Chances are if you have kids, they have a Pop It at home! Pop It or Push Pop toys as they are sometimes called are the hottest sensory toy from this past year and are still going strong! Kids (and adults) love the sensory touch of popping the fun colorful silicone bubbles. Pop Its first came out in fun colors and shapes (from squares and circles to even unicorn and dinosaur shapes!). Now they’ve expanded into this super fun Pop It Board Game!

My kids are obsessed with Pop It sensory toys and were all over this gamified version. The beauty of this Pop It game is that it’s simple to start playing right away! My 3-year-old was even able to play with himself!

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What is the Pop It Board Game?

The Pop It Board Game is a variation of the popular sensory Pop It toy.

The game board toy is large, measuring 12.8″x7.5″ and comes in rainbow colors. Although there are various colors and size differences you can find online, we are focusing this review on the one we purchased.

This high-quality silicone toy comes in rainbow colors, with added sensory appeal.

Each player has 60 push pops. Each player rolls the dice and presses the rainbow-colored board based on the number rolled. Whoever pushes the last pop will lose one round and press one of the big 3 buttons to mark the loss. There are 3 wins in 5 rounds.

This Pop It fidget toy is a great interactive toy for kids, offering a chess-like set and two dice.

Kids will enjoy this number-based game while having fun popping the soft silicone bubbles!

Pop It Board Game
Pop It Board Game
Pop It Board Game
Pop It Board Game

Benefits of Playing The Pop It Board Game

  • Pop It is a game that can be learned in less than 60 seconds!
  • Simple and short rules.
  • The Pop It Board Game is a great stress-relivier and sensory/fidget toy while playing.
  • Kids already love Pop It sensory toys, so this is an excellent game extension.

The Pop It Board Game is a game that the whole family can play! Pop It has simple rules, and it’s easy to learn, even for kids as young as 3 years old.

Pop It Board Game
Pop It Board game
Pop It Board Game
Pop It Board Game

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