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About Us

Hi and welcome to! My name is Agnes Hsu and I’m a playful mom of 3 who resides in sunny Southern California. I started this site because my family and I LOVE a good board game and are on a mission to showcase the best, most entertaining board games, with an eye on family-friendly ones!

In addition to this site, I’m also the founder of the popular creative website for kids hello, Wonderful which has inspired families over the last 8+ years with cute and colorful kids’ crafts and activities. Cooking and baking is also my passion so you can also find me on my food blog, hello, Yummy. 

I believe everyone has an imaginative soul and that creativity doesn’t require amazing talents or fancy materials. Playing and creating should be fun and simple for kids and parents. The meaningful stuff comes in making memories and raising kids to become curious and imaginative explorers of their own. Playing board games is a nostalgic part of growing up and I’m determined to make them come back in popularity to rival screen time and product more screen-free bonding time with your kids!

My work has been featured in nationwide publications including Martha Stewart, Womens’ Day, Parents, The Pioneer Women, Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Country Living, and Better Homes & Gardens. I’ve worked with major corporations and sponsors such as Disney, Netflix, HBO, Martha Stewart Living and Michaels Crafts. 

Get inspired to create with your kids by visiting my sites:

Creative and playful

Kids food site: 

Best Board game site:

Or follow her on IG @hellowonderful_co and @helloyummy_co.