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16 Best Preschool Board Games

best preschool board games
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Do you have Preschoolers in your house? As a parent of Preschool-aged children, I know how hard it can be to keep them entertained. They are at that age where they want to do everything themselves and demand constant supervision. 

Luckily, there are plenty of Preschool Board Games out there that will help with this issue! Here is a list of some great Preschool Board Games for your little ones. Some of these have wonderful educational gaming benefits and even early math learning!

Best Preschool Board Games

Chutes & Ladders (Board Game)

This is the best Preschool Board Game on this list. It has been around for decades, and it’s still one of the best Preschool board games out there. My older kids past preschool age still love to play Chutes and Ladders!

It’s easy enough so preschoolers can play by themselves but challenging enough, so adults don’t get bored playing too. With lots of educational opportunities along the way, it’s a game that pleases everyone!

You cannot make your kid not play this game!

Rotate the spinner and maneuver the pawn by going up and down the ladders and chutes. Chutes & Ladders is a timeless childhood game enjoyed by many children. Players frantically try to reach the top of the game board without slipping. Climb the stepping-stones to success, learn numbers, but beware of the stairs!

Candy Land 

You don’t have to suffer through Candyland. It is one of the games that even toddlers can play, so it’s a good choice for the youngest players.

Start the “magical” journey to delicious delights by reminiscing about your favorite board game, Candy Land! An extremely cute Candy Land board game with Gingerbread men as players, colorful cards, and entertaining artwork is the highlight of this game. When the players select their chosen cards, maneuver their pawns, and let their fantasies soar, they’re setting out on an adventure to reach the castle and claim victory!
All sorts of fun delicious surprises await and it’s a simple strategy for preschoolers in the language of desserts they understand!

This game can be played by two-four players, which makes it perfect for a family or party.

Pizza Game

It’s a puzzle, it’s food, it’s Pizza Time! Not sure about your children, but my kids LOVE Pizza and would be all over this fun food puzzle game. The premise is simple just match the pizza ingredients to the colorful flashcards or build your own pizza with the toppings via the Velcro pieces.

The engaging puzzles in the pizza-themed sets are a wonderful way to help kids get comfortable in the kitchen. The art is fun and colorful for kids and you can learn a lot about your favorite veggies while playing.

Hi Ho! Cherry-O Board Game

Introducing the game Hi Ho Cherry-O, a classic 3+ kids board game where players pluck imaginary fruit from trees and fill their buckets. The first to finish is the winner! Players will practice math skills such as counting while picking fruits for baskets like apples, oranges or blueberries (spinner tells them how many pieces they can take). This imaginative play helps children establish an understanding of numbers in addition to practicing important life skills that are necessary later on when dealing with money.

Make your kid playtime to be the most fun they’ve ever had with this best preschool board games!

Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around Game Game

The entertaining Monkey Around Game contains 1 gameboard, 40 movement cards, one bean bag banana and a game handbook for parents. When children are playing they develop gross motor skills such as imitating the movements on their card or copying what other players do with theirs while also developing vocabulary and social-emotional competencies by learning how to interact in different ways.

For parents of preschoolers this simple enjoyable game provides a fresh interesting way to spend time interacting with your child that will be fun and challenging! As the game progresses you’ll need to work together in various ways including high fives and hugs which can help build those important bonding moments between parent and child.

Pete The Cat Groovy Buttons

The Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Game is a fun game that will teach kids about colors and shapes.

The Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Game features 12 buttons with different color combinations, as well as four sliders to help children match the button cards!

Players start by picking up one card from their pile of play pieces and then comparing it to all other buttons to find its matching pair. The player can use both hands for this task if they like!

Spot It! Animal Game

Players need both luck and observation skills to play this animal recognition game for two or more players. Players take turns flipping cards over one at a time to find matches of animals. Spot the only match to win. This is a fun family or travel game when you want a quick boredom buster for 10 minutes or more.

Spot It! builds great preschool learning skills like visual acuity, memory and speech.

Funny Faces Preschool Learning Game

Playing Funny Faces helps with vocabulary, confidence and enables children to explore their surroundings. Spending one on one time with your child is a wonderful approach for strengthening the bond you have together.

The funny cards allow preschoolers to explore the emotional world in their own homes while providing an indoor pastime that will keep you laughing and creating faces with your child!

The colored card decks show off familiar feelings that come complete with shapes, textures and size variations so there’s something perfect for every child to customize.

The Ladybug Games Game

When your little ones play The Ladybug Game by Zobmondo they can do fun things like feed the ants and escape from a praying mantis while bringing Ladybug home safely! Created by an elementary school student, this game will get families excited! Not only does it teach addition or subtraction but kids are also learning about bugs as well with fun facts too! Playtime memories that’ll last forever? Sounds like Zobmondo! to me.

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

For all the squirrel lovers out there, this game is for you. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game is an award-winning board game designed for children aged three to six. As you might expect, it has players trying to get as many nuts into their log before the other squirrels do. After you spin and learn colors while at it, you get to pick up the color-coordinated acorn and put it in your log. As soon as five are collected, it’s time to call it quits and award yourself first place. This game is great for practicing fine motor skills.

Race to the Treasure

Race to the Treasure is a fun board game for preschoolers that will help them learn about working together and cooperative skills.

In order to reach the treasure, work together with your team to build a passage, and then collect 3 keys in order to defeat the ogre guarding it. Everybody has fun, everyone is included, and no one is left out!

Lucky Ducks

Little kids love watching ducks in a pond or river. This miniature Lucky Ducks game version is great for preschoolers who don’t yet have the attention or dexterity to pick up game cards or pawns. They will love this fun memory and matching game.

Ducks begin swimming in a circular pond when the colored shape on the bottom of each duck is activated. One at a time, players will select a duck and look at its color and shape. The chosen player keeps the duck if its color and shape match. They always replace anything that doesn’t fit, no matter what. When there are 3 ducks matching the shape of the first player, that player wins.

Yeti in my Spaghetti

What a fantastic and fun game that will lead to many giggles!

Sit Yeti on top of the noodles, on the bowl, Challenge each other to take turns trying to keep Yeti from falling.
There’s no way to beat Yeti if he falls. The game comes with Yeti, 30 noodles and a bowl. This is great for kids ages 4+ to practice their hand-eye dexterity and fine motor skills.

Hoot Owl Hoot

Help the owls return to their nest before sunrise in this color learning matching game kids and adults will love playing together. Everyone wins if you can get all the owls home before morning comes! Due to its two levels of play, it’s perfect for younger kids as well as older ones looking for a fun way to spend some time with friends or family. In a non-stressful environment, cooperative games like these foster emotional development and shared decision-making skills while promoting creative problem-solving abilities – without any stress involved at all!

It’s an owling adventure! Take flight as you race to daylight with the sun card, drawing attention and laughter. Fly on this journey through dark territory until you come home again.

Preschool Boardgames are a fun way to get your little ones interested in playing as they learn about colors, shapes all the while practicing their fine motor skill and more!

Make sure you grab one of these 15 best preschool board games today and make your kids learn through play even more fun!

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