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Monopoly Roblox: The Ultimate Mixed Reality Gaming Experience

Roblox is a popular online platform, but family games like this prove that you can take an online game and bring it to the board game world! If you have a fan of Roblox games in the house, they’re going to love this Monopoly edition. Perfect for all kids ages, and a great gift idea.

The next time that you want to dive into the imaginative worlds of Roblox, why not have one of my favorite Roblox experiences and play this Monopoly edition game? It may have the Roblox logo on the box, but it’s still the same property trading game that we all know and love.

Monopoly Roblox
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Fans of Roblox and Monopoly will love this new game featuring Roblox themes and Roblox characters. Combine virtual gameplay with this entirely new look at the nostalgic traditional Monopoly Game.

The Monopoly-Roblox game was created by Hasbro and is now available to play on the Monopoly website.

Monopoly-Roblox combines two of America’s most popular board games, Monopoly and Roblox, into one immersive experience that will revolutionize how you play both games.

The game features updated rules for Monopoly that allow players to purchase their favorite Roblox items using Monopoly money.

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:


Monopoly is a board game from the 19th century. The Landlord’s Game was invented and patented by Elizabeth Magie in 1904, although it had existed in 1902.

Magie created The Landlord’s Game to show the economic consequences of Ricardo’s Economic Rent Law and the Georgian concepts of economic privilege and land value taxes.

About the Game

For ages 8+

Number of Players 2-6

Game monopoly with Roblox theme: Roblox’s creative worlds meet the Monopoly board game! In this version, gamers may purchase, sell and exchange some of their favorite experience with Roblox

Gameboard Roblox-themed: Players gather games, Dev teams, and game promotions instead of properties to outdo their opponents.

Tokens monopoly: Players will move around like a Roblox icon Like Bloxy Award, Classic Noob, Domino Crown, Mr. Robot, Construction Hat Builderman, or Dominus.

Spaces and cards action: Collect Robux for a daily login bonus, sell restricted products, expose avatars, or get bloxxed with noobs. Nobody says what the next roll of the dice will bring

The Monopoly: Roblox 2022 is an excellent gift for Roblox fans aged 8 and up.

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:


In the Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition board game, players purchase, sell, and trade their favorite experience of Roblox, including Adopt Me!

Players travel about the board and buy as many Dev Home offices and Dev Studio offices as they can using artwork, themes, and aspects inspired by the popular web platform.

The game is for 2-6 players who give a wonderful present to lovers of Roblox!

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:

How to set it up? 

Choose someone  to be the banker 

The banker is in charge of the following: 

  • The bank’s money 
  • Dev home offices 
  • Dev studio offices 
  • Property cards 
  • Auction 

The banker can also play but must separate the money from the bank

The banker provides participants a total of $1500, and the balance of the money is held in the box as a bank.

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:

How to Play Monopoly Roblox?

Move across the board and buy as many homes as possible. The more you own, the more income you may receive from other players. When all other players have gone bankrupt, you’re the last one with money; you win.

 Who goes first?

Every player rolls the dice. The highest roller begins, and the player moves to the left.

 When it’s your turn,

·         Roll both dice.

·         Move your token clockwise to the number of spaces. 

·         Where did you land? Implement the board space rules.

Double-roll the dice again and turn.

See if you roll the dice twice in a row three times. It would help if you went to jail immediately. Don’t finish your third round.

Your turn is over. Pass the dice to your left.

Begin to play.

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:
Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:

Rules of Monopoly Roblox

·         Always auction if someone doesn’t want to purchase the property on which they landed.

·         Never loan money to other players or arrange deals that do not charge each other income. You never get a bonus for landing on free parking.

·         If you owe money and cannot pay, sell structures to the bank or update properties. Sell dev studio offices to the bank at half the cost and swap for 4 Dev home offices instantly.

·         To take property for an update, you first sell all buildings in their color set to the bank at half their cost or turn the property card face down and collect the takedown for an update.

·         The expense of shipping the updates to the bank is paid for. (Takedown + 10 percent for updates) then turn the card face-up.

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:

What happens if you are in debt?

·         If you are still in debt, you are bankrupt and out of the game, give them all your updated properties and any get-out-of-jail-free cards. 

·         The new owner must ship the update (pay the bank the cost to ship the update) or keep the property down for updates(  pay the bank 10% of the takedown for updates value). 

·         If you owe the bank, all your properties will be returned to the bank. Any upgrades will be discontinued. All your properties must be auctioned immediately.

·         Return any jail-free cards to the bottom of the corresponding deck.

·         The rest of the participants continue to play until only one person remains in the game. That player is the winner.

Deal and trades

·         You can always purchase, trade, or exchange property with other people.

·         You must sell all color buildings before you may sell or trade a game.

·         You cannot sell or trade structures to another player’s property for cash. The amount is decided by the player making the trade.

·         Property taken for updates may be traded at an agreed price.


·         You can start creating Dev home offices as soon as you acquire a color set (You don’t have to wait long).

·         Pay the bank the cost on the property card and put a home office on the game space.

·         It would be best if you constructed it uniformly. Until you have built one for each set game, you cannot build a second dev Home Office on a game. Only 4 dev Home Offices can be in the game space.

·         Once you have 4 dev home offices in every color group of games, you can pay to upgrade to a dev studio office.

·         Returns all 4 of the dev home office to the bank and places a dev studio office into that space on the property card.

·         Only have one dev studio office per game space. You can no longer add dev home offices

·         If any game in its color set was pulled down for changes, you could not build on a game.

·         If several players want to buy the last dev home office or studio, the banker must auction it.

·         If there are no buildings left, you can’t buy any until someone sells them off.

Spaces for action 


When you cross over or land, collect *200  from the bank.

Chance and chest community

Take the top card from the matched deck and do what it says immediately. Return it to the base of the deck when finished.

Update your avatar massively 

Pay the bank the amount specified in the space.

Free Parking

Nothing is happening.

Just visiting

Don’t worry if you land here in the only visiting section of your token.

Go to jail 

Move your token to jail space, don’t collect 200 for passing GO. 

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:

How do I get out of prison?

You have 3 alternatives:

1. Pay *50, then roll and move as usual at the beginning of your next round.

2. Use a free jail card at the beginning of your next turn.

3. Roll doubles the next time you turn. If you do, you are free!

Monopoly Roblox Video/ Credit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Monopoly game based on Roblox?

Monopoly-Roblox is Monopoly, but with updated rules.

How many players can play Monopoly-Roblox?

Monopoly-Roblox supports four to six players and their favorite Roblox avatars through a wireless connection.

Who are the utilities in the Monopoly Roblox edition?

The cards in the Roblox Monopoly game have some exciting scenarios based on everything that happens within the world. The Illumina and Darkheart are utilities for different situations, but they add a unique twist to this classic board game.

Whether you’re playing with your friends or by yourself, please take these rounds seriously because it’s meant as an homage to one of our favorite games ever created; enjoy!

What can you do with Roblox tokens on Monopoly?

You could create your items, buy properties or even build houses and hotels on the board.

Whatever you do with it, you can now be sure of one thing – that no two games will ever be alike since players have so much choice about how and what they can spend their Robux on!

The board game allows players to play in the real world seamlessly. It’s like they are living inside of the classic board game! You can hang out at one of your favorite places while playing this Roblox interactive game.

Monopoly Roblox
Monopoly Roblox/Image credit:

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