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17 Crime Board Games That’ll Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Crime board games
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If you’re anything like us, you love a good board game. But if you’re looking for something more thrilling than Monopoly, you can play a crime board game instead.

Board games centered around crime can be a great way to get your adrenaline pumping while testing your cunning and detective skills. 

Many of these games are based on real-life crimes like a job of a real detective, which makes them even more fascinating. 

They can also be quite challenging, so if you’re up for a mental and physical challenge, these are the games for you. 

These are perfect for you if you want to feel like you’re solving a crime. Let’s look at some of the best crime board games and best murder mystery board games out there.

17 Best Modern Crime Board Game picks for a Thrilling Night In

1: Detective (A Modern Crime Board Game)

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game is a rules-light game of wits and deduction that can last up to 3 or more hours with many unique cases. 

In this cooperative game of criminal investigation, players are given access to the Antares Database to find new clues, a realistic database that stores information from police, FBI, military, and federal intelligence agencies. 

They must use this resource to solve various mysteries and crimes by searching for different clues to solve new cases. The game is highly immersive, and players will feel like they are living in a detective novel. 

Additionally, the Online database adds a layer of fun and realism to the game of detective cases. This is definitely one of the best detective games out there.

If you’re looking for a modern crime board game that will keep you entertained for hours, look no further than Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.

2: Portal Games Detective

In this modern crime game with endless crime cases, players are tasked with solving mysterious crimes in a modern setting. 

With five different scenarios, there are plenty of challenges for even the most experienced detectives with its puzzle-solving gameplay in the base game. 

And because you’re playing the role of Detective in this game, it’s much more than just another board game – it’s an immersive experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat. 

The quality components and immersive storytelling make it one of the best games.

3: Chronicles of Crime

If you’re looking for a modern twist on the classic board game night, look no further than Chronicles of Crime. 

This cooperative crime investigation game pits players against some of the most challenging and mysterious crimes ever committed. 

By scanning QR codes with the included app, players can instantly be transported to the crime scene, where they must use their detective skills to identify clues and find the murderer. 

Chronicles of Crime is perfect for game nights with family and friends, with multiple scenarios to choose from. 

4: Sherlock Holmes Consulting: Detective Jack the Ripper & West End

If you’re a fan of modern crime dramas and board games, you’ll love Sherlock Holmes Consulting: Detective Jack the Ripper & West End. 

In this game, you’ll take on the role of a detective investigating ten different cases and new clue, four of which are connected to the notorious Jack the Ripper. 

With a new map of Whitechapel and unique casebooks for each case, you’ll have plenty of fun trying to solve these mysterious crimes. 

And with a different murder weapon used in each case, you’ll never know what to expect next. So gather your friends for some game nights and see if you can crack the case!

5: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

In this game, players are placed in a contemporary murder and conspiracy scenario. The murderer, who picks their tool and the proof they leave behind in secret, is one of the players.

Another is the forensic scientist, who can only convey what they know by examining the scene but who has the evidence required to convict the offender.

The killer is one of the investigators, who are deciphering the clues to solve the crime. Unlike many other games, this is a fun, interactive party game.

When you’re the good guy, it really makes your analytical mind work, and when you’re the bad guy, it puts your game face and acting skills to the test.

With its unique take on modern crime, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is perfect for game nights with family and friends. 

6: The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire

If you’re looking for a modern twist on classic crime board games, look no further than The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire. 

Five different crime families in 1950s New York City are controlled by the players. However, if Don Vito Corleone were to pass away suddenly, everyone would compete to take over.

Players send out Family Members and Thugs to extort money, illegal goods, and other benefits from businesses over the course of four acts.

They engage in turf wars and receive perks for working on the Don’s projects.

Players can expand their family business by recruiting new Allies by offering substantial bribes, but winning depends on having the most cash.

7: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a board game that pits players against each other in a race to solve modern crimes. 

With help from the characters of the popular TV show, players must collect evidence from seven crime lab divisions to prove means, motive, and opportunity. 

The first player to present evidence to Grissom, the show’s protagonist, wins the game. But beware – disclosure cards, and Grissom cards can throw a wrench in your plans! 

The game features eight stories written in CSI style by award-winning crime writer Max Haines. Game nights will never be the same with this fun and mysterious board game. 

Try your hand at solving some of the most baffling crimes around – if you can stomach it!

8: A Taste for Wine and Murder

In 1985, University Games introduced the world to the Murder Mystery Party game. It was the first board game of its kind and quickly became a hit. 

Players take on the role of suspects in a crime and must interrogate their fellow players to try to solve the mystery. The game is still popular today, with new stories being released regularly.

The modern murder mystery party is a great way to spend an evening with friends. 

It’s also an excellent option for younger kids interested in mysteries but not ready for more modern crime games. 

So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to spend an evening, consider hosting your murder mystery party. You and your guests will have a blast trying to solve the crime.

9: Paranormal Detectives

In this deduction party game, one player takes on the role of a Ghost, while all other players work as paranormal detectives trying to solve the crime. 

Using their paranormal abilities, they will communicate with the Ghost, asking open questions about the details of the crime. 

The Ghost player is given a story card with a detailed description of the murder at the start of the game. Each card illustrates every aspect of the case.

A player investigation sheet, a player screen, and an asymmetrical, pre-built set of interaction cards are given to each Detective.

With new stories to solve and a world of mystery to explore, Paranormal Detectives is perfect for young kids and family game night!

10: Betrayal at House on the Hill

In Betrayal at House on the Hill, players take on the role of modern-day crime fighters. They work together to solve new mysteries in their own world of mystery. 

All players must cooperate to solve the mystery because it is a cooperative game; the traitor, however, is there to betray the group and obstruct the investigation.

This means that before the game is over, the innocent characters must not only figure out whodunnit but also eliminate the traitor.

There are 50 suspenseful scenarios in Betrayal at House on the Hill.

11: Clue

Though it was first published in 1949, Clue’s board game has remained popular for over seventy years. 

The modern incarnation of the game is set in a world of crime and mystery, and players must use their wits to solve a grisly murder. 

The game is designed for three to six players, and each player takes on the role of one of the suspects. 

The game’s goal is to identify the murderer, the weapon used in the crime, and the location where the crime occurred. 

To do this, players must collect clues by making accusations and interacting with other players. The game is relatively simple to learn and can be enjoyed by young and old alike. 

12: Unsolved Case Files

Unsolved Case Files is the perfect board game for modern crime enthusiasts. In this game, you play the role of a cold case detective tasked with solving the murder of Harmony Ashcroft. 

The twist is that you must start from scratch, with only the original investigator’s case files as your guide. 

This means that you must piece together the clues and figure out the real culprit. 

With more than 50 documents and pictures to look through, it’s a great game for mystery enthusiasts.

You can read and evaluate newspaper articles, evidence reports, suspect interrogations, and witness statements.

13: Mysterium

Mysterium is a modern crime board game in which players have to solve different crime stories. 

The game is inspired by the popular Cluedo board game, but with new stories and different crimes. Mysterium is an original game that was released in 2016. 

The game takes place in the present day, and players take on the role of psychic investigators who must assist a ghost in recalling what happened the night of the murder.

Through cards with pictures of lucid dreams leading to the offender, the ghost communicates with mediums.

The game ends once a majority of the mediums successfully identify the culprit, the location, and the weapon of the crime.

14: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a modern crime board game that puts you in the shoes of a detective. You are responsible for solving a set of 10 different crime stories. 

Each story takes around two hours to solve, so you must rest before proceeding. 

The game is somewhat unique compared to other mystery board games because it allows you to read through different newspapers, talk to people, and gather evidence. 

You must decipher the clues of each of these mysteries and connect them to the other evidence you find. 

You can arrive at the major conclusion and finish the game by doing so. This original game is perfect for those who love playing Detective and are Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts. 

15: Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard is a modern take on the classic detective board game. In this game, you play as one of the world’s greatest detectives pursuing a criminal mastermind known as Mister X. 

The gameplay is easy to learn and simple to understand. But, first, you and your co-players must decide who will play Mister X. 

Mister X makes the first move in each of the game’s thirteen rounds. The detectives (other players) won’t get to take their turn until Mister X has finished with it.

The goal is to catch Mister X by finishing the move on the station where Mister X is currently located or blocking all the other stations that Mister X can use to escape. 

Scotland Yard is an excellent game for those who love mystery and crime stories. Its new mechanics and modern setting offer a unique twist on classic detective stories.

16: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a modern crime board game that allows players to create new stories of mystery and murder. 

The game revolves around a group of people who find themselves trapped in a murder scene, with no knowledge of who the killer is. 

Accordingly, one of them is the murderer, who selects his weapon in secrecy and destroys any evidence that could be used against him.

His main objective is to deceive and perplex every investigator (other player) into believing that someone else is the murderer.

The game can be played between four and 12 people, making it perfect for large parties or family gatherings. 

17: Lucky Duck Games Chronicles of Crime

In this game, detectives in a future world where androids indistinguishable from humans walk the streets and cybernetic implants have become part of everyday life. 

The game is full of new stories and scenarios for players to explore, and it’s always exciting to see what case you’ll be solving next. 

One of the great things about Chronicles of Crime: 2400 is that it’s a game that can be played by anyone, regardless of their experience level with board games. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, you’ll be able to jump right in and start solving crimes. 

So if you’re looking for a board game that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours, check out Lucky Duck Games’ Chronicles of Crime: 2400.


Whether you’re a fan of deduction games, horror games, or just looking for something new to play, there’s sure to be a game on this list that’s perfect for you. 

Many games are perfect for large groups, so they’re great for family gatherings or game nights with friends. And with a wide range of gameplay styles, there’s something for everyone. 

If you’re ready to solve some crimes and have a great time doing it, be sure to check out these crime board games. 

You won’t be disappointed. It’s time to put on your detective hat and get ready for some fun!

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