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Don’t Wake Daddy Board Game Rules

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In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of board games, and many new and innovative games have been introduced. 

Many of these new games are based on popular culture and incorporate modern technology, making them fun in the middle of the game board. 

One of the newer board games that have become popular is Don’t Wake Daddy. This fun game is recommended for children aged three and up and can be played by 2-4 players. 

The game’s objective is to be the first player to get a midnight snack from the refrigerator without waking Daddy. 

This is the perfect dad game for kids ages three and up, giving children lots of excitement at the start of each turn. Let’s learn how to play this fun and challenging game.

Don’t Wake Daddy: The Alarm Clock Game That’s Set For Fun

Don’t Wake Daddy is a board game recommended for children aged three and up. 

The game’s objective is to be the first player to get a midnight snack from the refrigerator without waking Daddy. 

The game board has obstacles players must navigate to get to the refrigerator with a small game piece. In addition, the alarm clock button must be pressed several times to avoid waking Daddy. 

The first player to press the button the correct number of times and get to the refrigerator wins.

Don’t Wake Daddy is a fun and easy board game that is perfect for family game night, whether you are a veteran at activating daddy’s alarm or it’s your first time.

Don’t Wake Daddy Includes:

  • Don’t Wake Daddy Game Board
  • Daddy
  • Daddy’s Nightcap
  • 24 Cards
  • 3-part Bed
  • 4 Movers
  • Mover Bases
  • Spinner
  • Headboard

How to Play Don’t Wake Daddy Board Game (And Rules)

Take the game out of the box

The board is set up with a bed in the middle and places for different furniture pieces. There are also spots on the board for various activities. For example, the first player starts by spinning the spinner. 

The number that the spinner lands on corresponds to the number of spaces that the player can move. If the player lands on an activity, they must complete the activity before moving on. 

If the player lands on a furniture piece, they must put the furniture piece in its corresponding place on the board. 

If the alarm clock goes off at any point during the game, that player loses and has to start over from the beginning. The first player to make it around the board without waking up Daddy wins!

Shuffle and distribute the cards

You then distribute the 16 cards after shuffling them. Each player’s number of cards should match the number of spaces on the board. 

You will have unequal cards if there are three players in the game. So, one card at a time, place it aside and away from the others. 

This area becomes a “free space” for that game, meaning anyone who lands there is secure. For this game, however, choose a random card. 

Ensure that everyone begins at the same location. For example, the “bed” graphics in the one corner are where players should be resting, but you can use almost any other standing object. 

Have the youngest player go first. The gameplay passes to the left after that. 

However, you can choose whomever you want at random rather than requiring that the youngest person go first.

Spin the color wheel spinner

The spinner has a purple color with a star and spots of various colors. One by one, each player spins the wheel in turn. Your mover card should be placed on the first spot that has that color. 

Red, blue, yellow, and green are repeated in this order across the entire board. Then, move your player card depending on the color selected by the spinner.

Take a look at the board’s image. You’re safe if the location doesn’t appear in any photos. Nothing else needs to be found; play can be handed off to the following player successfully. 

Find the person holding that card. In that case, you are secure. The game moves on to the other players. If it’s not you, you must receive the card displaying it and proceed to the next step.

Look at the board where your players’ card landed

You’ll need to take different actions depending on the situation: If you’re behind the leader, move ahead to the next spot in front of them.

But, if you’re already in the first place, spin again regardless. Then, use the card to follow the instructions for setting Daddy’s alarm clock. 

The alarm clock button is needed on the bedside alarm. If Daddy pops up while you’re pressing it, bring your mover card back to the start and reset his head on the pillow. 

When no more color spaces exist, advance to “Rainbow Refrigerator.” The person who wins reaches the Rainbow Refrigerator first – this is seen as the final location with all available colors.


This object of the game is perfect for family gatherings — just don’t wake dad. Just don’t forget to spin the wheel and land on that green space in the middle of the board – it’s a freebie! 

And whoever holds the uncooperative black or purple star card will have to set off the alarm a few times before they can make it to the fridge. 

You can race to see who can get there first or take your time and enjoy the journey. No matter how you play, “Don’t Wake Daddy” will be a hit! 

Don’t make too much noise and activate daddy’s alarm and awake the sleeping father in his own bed, or you’ll need to wait until your next turn! 

Perfect for any occasion, such as Christmas season or as a part of daddy’s rules for game night.

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