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Pancake Pile-Up: The Overwhelming Addictive Game for Preschoolers

Pancake Pile-Up Game
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This cute Pancake Pile-Up game is a fun way for preschoolers to learn, play and focus on their dexterity and fine motor skills!

Does your preschooler like pancakes? Do they like stacking things up on top of each other or in piles? If so, this game is for you.  The game’s goal is to stack as many pancakes as possible on top of each other without any pancakes falling off.

So get ready to start your morning off right with Pancake Pile-Up! It is an easy, fast-paced card game where preschoolers will be stacking pancakes as quickly as possible. It’s the perfect way to spend time with your kids and family while having a blast! 

In this post, we’ll be digging into this Pancake Pile-Up game, features, importance, how to play it, and so much more.

Pancake Pile-Up Game
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Who Make This Pancake Game: Educational Insights

For the past 50 years, Educational Insights has created awesome educational games for children to learn and play. We have several of their games and that’s why we decided to get this one for my preschooler. They collaborate with specialists from a variety of sectors, ranging from scientists to instructors to artists, to guarantee that their products are always the finest they can be.

The Pancake Pile-Up game is an active learning activity to pique your children’s interest and encourage them to explore, discover, create as their motor skills and speech develop.

What is a pancake pile-up?

A pancake pile-up is when you stack pancakes on top of each other. The goal of the game is to continue adding pancakes without them collapsing, while also following the order of the recipe card.


Ages: 4+

Number of players: 2-12

About the game

PRESCHOOL GAME SEQUENCIING: Stack your pancakes and serve them to suit your order cards. Be the first to make a pancake pile correctly and add a pinch of butter.

GAME INCLUDES: 10 pancakes in 5 flavors, 2 pats of butter, 2 plates, 2 spatulas, 10 order cards, and griddle game board (box bottom)

PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR PLAY & AT-HOME LEARNING: Makes an excellent activity for kids to stay engaged, entertained, and learn outside the classroom.

IDEAL GAME FOR CHILDREN AGES 4-6: Children learn to sequence, build motor skills, balance, and coordinate. Ideal for classroom or group games without reading.


Two teams play a real-time dexterity game. The teams compete to use a plastic spatula to balance the plastic pancakes appropriately in a stack.

The game is set up at 15 feet from the pancakes supply to the plate, and a team of players takes turns using the spatula. It is how a relay race takes shape.

FUN FOR PRETEND PLAY: For example: at dinner, it’s a busy day! Help your customers get what they requested by picking up pancakes in the correct order with the other waiters to the grill!

Pancake Pile-Up Game
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Pancake Pile-Up Game
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How to set up the game with teams

·         Put all the pancakes and butter pats on the grill game board in the box.

·         Place a plate for each team approximately 15 feet (4.5 meters) away at the customer “table” or choose according to your kids’ ages and gross motor skills.

·         Put the order cards next to the grill.

·         Split the players into two crews of six servers.

Note: Servers take more than one turn filling their customers’ orders for diners with a small staff. If only two servers are working in the restaurant, they complete serving the entire order first. That type of hard work deserves a pat on the back.

How to play

Playing pancake pile-up is easy, fast-paced, and enjoyable for kids. Here are the steps of how to play:

·         Flip over an order card. The card shows how the pancakes must be stacked on the plate –banana, plain blueberry, chocolate, chip, etc.

·         Someone  calls “order up” servers struggle to find the first pancake shown on the order card

·         Servers race to the plates, pancakes on the spatula, to pile the first pancakes on their specific plates.

·         Servers then run back to the grill and give the spatula to the following server.

·         That server scrambles in the grill to find the second pancake shown on the order card and delivers it to the plate, stacking it on top of the first pancake.

·         The race continues until one server or the team finishes the stack and tops it with a pat of butter.

·         Servers check one another to ensure the order was delivered in the correct sequence.

The winner

The first server or team to deliver the order correctly is the winner of the game.

Learning benefits of the Pancake Pile-Up Game

Playing pancake pile up has significant benefits for preschoolers:

·         It helps children develop essential gross motor skills, like balance and coordination.

·         Research shows that physical exercise boosts learning.

·         Children practice following a sequence, which improves their math skills.

·         It also encourages teamwork among kids.

The objective of the game

Be the first server to stack the pancakes on the plate in the order cards sequence and top them with a butter pat. For younger or inexperienced players, eliminate the order cards and have servers race to stack up to five pancakes and a pat of butter in no particular order. This is what we did for my 3 year old and he loved it!

How can the game reinforce etiquette, speech, and awareness among preschoolers?

Apart from the game being fun, it can also be educative. It teaches preschoolers manners, speech therapy, and also awareness. If you are a parent or a teacher, here is how you can utilize the game:

·         Utilize pancakes to describe qualities during the game, also brainstorm other stuff you eat in the morning.

·         You can utilize the items in the game to fake playing, start turn-taking. One can be the waiter, while the other is the client. “Thank you,” “excuse,” or “please” can work on, let them request help at a restaurant, and use all the exciting lingo around pancakes.

·         Work with them more or less, bypassing varied quantities of pancakes to them. They must count them and find out who has more. It improves their maths skills.

·         Use the Pancakes as a visual reinforcer. The child practices his/her speech objective and then turns over a bite. Once the pancakes have all been flipped,  the task is complete!

·         Hide the pancakes around the room. The student must employ the terms “preposition” to obtain further insights on the place of pancakes, such as “The pancake beneath the desk.” Once the pancakes have been found, play the relay game as a booster!

·         For phonological awareness, use the pancakes as visualizations. Each pancake is a sound. The child can swap a new pancake to reflect the new sound and word when the sound changes.


Are there any downsides to the pancake pile-up?

Only two children can play at once. Therefore if you have more than two children, you’re going to have to buy extra games, and once a piece is lost, you’re out of luck.

How do you play the pancake pile-up game?

Turn over an order card and find the first pancake from the order card—race to your plate, pancakes on spatulas, to stack pancakes. Then run back, handing the spatula to the following player-relay race style. Correctly complete the stack of pancakes and top it with a pat of butter to win.

Are there substitute parts for pancake pile-up?

If you lack a game piece, you have a broken spinner, a broken box, or anything that can impair your playtime, contact the manufacturer, Educational Insights.

Who’re Educational Insights?

Since 1962, Educational Insights have created toys and games to stimulate each child. Their goals is to encourage imagination and creativity for ages 2 to 102. They believe learning can be achieved through play.

What type of game are pancakes stacked and served in?

It is a preschool sequence game, where you get to serve the pancakes and stack them to match your order cards. Be the first to finish a pancake stack correctly and add the butter to it, which means you are the winner.

Have you ever seen a pancake pile-up? You know, those stacks of pancakes that fall over and make all the other ones topple down. That’s what the Pancake Pile-Up game feels like!

With its addictive gameplay and educational qualities, this is one game for kids to use for learning at home or homeschool curriculum. It also makes an excellent tool for teaching toddlers about gravity as they watch different items tumble from higher places onto the lower ground below them – it can be pretty satisfying to see something smash into pieces if you’re feeling frustrated!

Kids can also learn about etiquette and awareness. This math activity will help your kids increase their mental math skills and counting, numeracy. I’d recommend this game to parents of young children and preschoolers!

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