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The Best SEQUENCE Board Games for Kids

SEQUENCE is a classic board game adults and kids have loved for years! Here are some fantastic variations on this board game favorite. Did you know that SEQUENCE comes in a version for kids, letters, die, and even Harry Potter theme?

Board games have long been a fun way for kids to spend time with their friends and family, especially during the pandemic. They are also an excellent way for parents to get some quality bonding time with their children. This post showcases SEQUENCE board games that your little ones will love for strategy and educational purposes – and ones you won’t mind playing either.

Here are some fun varieties of SEQUENCE board games you can bust out for family game night with the kids! Fans of SEQUENCE will love these!

Classic SEQUENCE Board Game

For Age: 7+

Number of Players: 2-12

t’s exciting, fun, and challenging all at the same time. Place a chip on a space on the game board that corresponds to a card you’ve played from your hand. It’s a SEQUENCE if you have five of the same thing. Learn how to block or remove the chips of your opponents, and beware of the Jacks, which are unpredictable! You’ll come out on top if you use a combination of strategy and good fortune. A padded playing mat replaces the standard folding game board in the Deluxe SEQUENCE edition.

SEQUENCE for Kids The ‘No Reading Required’ Strategy Game

For Age: Ages 3-6

Number of Players: 2-4 players 

To play, place your chip on the relevant animal on the board; this is after playing an animal card from your hand. Use a unicorn card to set your chip wherever, or a dragon card to remove an opponent’s chip, to add excitement to the game.

The player who gets four chips in a row first wins. This engaging strategy game aids in the development of logical reasoning abilities. 

SEQUENCE Letters – SEQUENCE Fun from A to Z

For Age: Ages 4+

Number of Players: 2-4 players 

From start to finish, this is classic SEQUENCE fun. f the letter in a card corresponds to an image’s first few letters and the player places a chip on that location first, they win!

The letters of the alphabet are displayed in both capital and lowercase on each card.
To aid in faster recognition, use colored squares on both the cards and the game board.

SEQUENCE Dice – An Exciting Game of Strategy

For Age: Ages 7+

Number of Players: 2-4 players 

This SEQUENCE variation is simple to learn and a lot of fun to play. Decide on a number by rolling the dice and placing a chip on that number on the board

To win, you must get five of a kind first. Remove an opponent’s chip or gain another turn by rolling different combinations.


For Age: Ages 7+

Number of Players: 2-4 players 

Calling all cat lovers! This adorable cat board game Sequence variation is perfect for playing if you have cats as pets. They do make great board game companions, don’t they?

Place your chip where the cat on your card corresponds to the cat on the game board, and be the first to get 5 chips in a row.

As an added bonus, each card features a brief summary or fact about the cat pictured.


For Age: Ages 7+

Number of Players: 2 players 

The portable travel version makes it easy to take your favorite pieces with you wherever you go!
As soon as you’ve played four cards from your hand, place a peg in each of its corresponding holes on the game board.

With two SEQUENCES, the winner is determined!
An exciting mix of strategy and good fortune awaits you in this game!

University Games Jumbo Sequence Strategy Game

Number of Players: 2-12

With the Jumbo Sequence game, you’ll strategize, plan, and win. In this card/board game, individuals or teams play cards, place chips, and get enough in a row to win! It’s a giant version of the classic Sequence game.

However, exercise caution when dealing with jackrabbits, as they can be dangerous. This fast-paced game will add excitement to your next family game night.


For Age: Ages 7+

Number of Players: 2-12 players 

This perfect for gifting SEQUENCE set comes with a large, cushioned, roll-up playing mat that can be used on the floor or a table.

A 32″ x 27″ mat is included in the tube pack and can be easily stored away. Each player or team tries to get as many five-card sequences as possible before their opponents do so before they are eliminated.

Fans of SEQUENCE will love this!

Harry Potter SEQUENCE

For Age: Ages 7+

Number of Players: 2-12 players 

This version of SEQUENCE is a timeless board game that incorporates Harry Potter characters. Each time you play a card from your hand, you must place a chip on the board in the same location as the card you played from your hand earlier.

Get as many SEQUENCES as you can to win. Face cards feature Harry Potter characters from each of the four Hogwarts houses. Jacks are wild and could be used to place a chip anywhere on the board or to eliminate an enemy’s chip from the board.


Are you looking for some fun and challenging SEQUENCE board games to play? If so, then we’ve got the perfect list of recommendations for you! The above games are a series of SEQUENCE games in fun varieties that will allow your brain to think in new ways. 

They’re not only enjoyable, but they can be very educational as well. So why don’t you try one out today? You’ll find these best sequence games engaging, and are fun way to entertain the family too!

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