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12 Fun And Exciting Dinosaur Board Games

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Board games are a great way to spend time with the family. They provide plenty of opportunities for socializing, laughter, and fun. Board games also help kids develop skills that they need in life such as planning ahead, taking turns, and following rules. 

But what if board games were really different? What if we could use them to learn about our world? That’s where Dinosaur Games come in! 

These new board games teach children about dinosaurs while providing hours of entertainment! 

Now your child can play Dinosaur board games and have tons of fun while learning all sorts of facts about prehistoric creatures! Let’s take a closer look at this new and exciting way to learn!

Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Board Game

With the Hasbro Gaming Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Edition Board Game, it’s time to return to prehistoric times! Four adorable dinosaurs compete to get the highest amount of marbles in this fast-paced game. 

The plastic marbles are tossed to the players, who must have their dino chomp them up as quickly as possible. In a bonus game, collect the pink berry-colored marble and try to eat it down for an instant win. 

For preschoolers aged four and up, this board game is a fun option. So gather your friends or family and compete to see who will be the ultimate dinosaur champion!

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition Board Game

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition is a prehistoric adventure board game that will take you on an exciting journey through time! 

This special edition of the classic family board game allows you to imagine what it would be like to meet various types of dinosaurs and feed them leafy banknotes. 

Children will enjoy making friends with these dinosaur toys, which range from the Brontosaurus to the Gigantosaurus, while also learning about their names and habits! It will definitely be a fun game for kids and the entire family.

Outset Media Dinosaur Snakes & Ladders Game

When you play Outset Media’s Dinosaur Snakes and Ladders Game, you’ll be transported to a prehistoric world full of ladders and snakes. 

To be the first to reach the new dino-baby egg before it hatches, race around the board with your fellow dinosaurs. Throughout the activity, you should learn number recognition, basic counting, direction/motion comprehension, and social development skills. 

The game, which was developed in the United States, is aimed at children aged three and up. For three to six players in a group.

Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game

In Happy Little Dinosaurs, you’ll attempt to detour all of life’s little mishaps while battling your inner demons, which will be a difficult task. 

This game is ideal for families and friends due to its entertaining illustrations and engaging gameplay. You shouldn’t be concerned if you end up falling into a pit of boiling lava or being ghosted by your sweet dino; the dino who endures it all will succeed and win the game. 

So join us on this prehistoric journey, and we’ll make sure you have a great time.

Dino Dump: Dinosaur Poop Board Game

This fast-paced dinosaur board game challenges you to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible, with the loser acquiring a scratch-and-sniff dinosaur poop sticker. 

You can use the cards to toss the meteorites and hide beneath the leaves to obtain the upper hand on your opponents. 

Dino Dump is a straightforward game with straightforward rules that is ideal for a family game night. So gather your friends or family and compete to see who will come out on top…and who will be covered in dinosaur feces and urine!

Pandasaurus Games Dinosaur Island

Pandasaurus Games Dinosaur Island will take you on a new adventure! This captivating game allows you to create and manage your own dinosaur park, making it ideal for any dinosaur-obsessed adult, teen, or child! 

This highly interactive board game is easy to learn in just 5 minutes but ever-challenging to play, thanks to an award-winning design by Jon Gilmour. 

To score points and win in Dinosaur Island, players must collect DNA, build dinosaurs, hire new employees, and attract the most visitors!

Dino Battle – Dinosaur Games for Kids

Dino Battle will provide you with some prehistoric entertainment! Players must connect creatures of the same species in a line as quickly as possible to score points and win this exciting board game. 

There is something in this game for everyone, as there are four different factions to choose from, each with its own unique playstyle. 

Dino Battle is also an excellent choice for family night or any other occasion when you need a quick and engaging game, with a playtime of only 15-20 minutes.

KiddyKiddoUSA Dino Adventure Board Game

KiddyKiddoUSA Dino Adventure is the best new Dinosaur board game! While playing, players will learn number recognition and counting, and the included dinosaur fun fact manual will teach everyone something new about these incredible prehistoric creatures. 

This imaginative game transports players back in time to the time of dinosaurs, where they must collaborate to save them from extinction. 

This game is suitable for players of all ages due to its simple rules. Plus, when you’re done playing, the eye-catching packaging doubles as a storage container.

Dino Doctor Beat The Buzz

Dino Doctor Beat the Buzz, a brand new and exciting veterinarian game, is now available on the internet for kids and their families to play together. 

After spinning the wheel to determine which animal needs to be operated on, carefully remove the animal pieces from the operating table with the tweezers. 

If you unintentionally set off the buzzer, you will be penalized. As a result, tread carefully. With its high level of excitement and suspense, this entertaining game will keep the family engaged.

Pandasaurus Games Gods Love Dinosaurs

This game will be a hit with everyone thanks to its simple gameplay that can be learned in minutes and hours of entertainment value. 

In the game, players must create an ecosystem with a long-term food chain that allows predators to thrive without extinction of their prey. 

This game is ideal for anyone aged 8 and up, with its immersive gameplay and high replay value. So gather your family and prepare to have a blast!

Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape Game

Are you up to the task of saving the dinosaurs? The Dinosaur Escape Game from Peaceable Kingdom is an excellent way to put your memory, logic, and luck to the test. 

Help the dinos escape the ferns and volcanic eruptions by working together with your friends or family. 

While also being a lot of fun, the cooperative play environment promotes emotional development, shared decision-making, and positive self-esteem. So put your thinking caps on and save the dinosaurs!

Jurassic Park Bid to Win Trivia Game

To Win Jurassic Park, Place a Bid Trivia Game is the ideal game for any fan of the franchise. This game will put your knowledge to the test with 600 questions covering dinosaurs, characters, and references. 

The game box is transformed into a magnetic scoreboard and game tracker by the custom package, making it a collectible gift for Jurassic Park fans. 

One game board, 100 question cards, a box, 36 bidding cards, 30 player scoring markers, one rulebook, and one die are included in the set. It’s the ideal way to pass the time with family!


Having discovered some of the best dinosaur games, you can select the most appropriate one for your next game night with family and friends. 

Regardless of whether your goal is to learn more about dinosaurs, perform operations on dinosaurs, or have fun with friends and family, there is a dinosaur game for you. 

To prepare for a fun-filled night of dinosaur gaming, gather your friends, family and kids together and break out the snacks. No matter what your preference, there is a dinosaur game for you. 

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