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Thoughtful Board Games That Teach Kids Emotions 

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Most kids learn emotions from their parents or other adults in their lives. But what if there was a way for them to learn about emotions through play? Board games that teach kids emotions exist, and they’re a great way to help kids develop an understanding of their own emotions and the emotions of others. 

These emotions board games can be used in therapy sessions or at home with your children. Like sensory board games, they can help with learning; especially with kids who have trouble identifying or expressing their feelings and help promote positive social interaction. 

Games like “Emotional Rollercoaster” and “Chat Chains” are two popular options, but there are many different games out there that can teach kids about emotional intelligence. Let’s look at ten of our favorite board games that teach children this critical matter!

Emotional Rollercoaster | Anger Management Board Game

Unleash your inner anger and frustrations with this exciting, new board game! Designed to help kids learn how to cope with their emotions, Emotional Rollercoaster is perfect for parties or family nights. With various activities and challenges, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So gather your friends and see who can tame the beast within! Emotional Rollercoaster is the perfect way for kids and families to learn how to cope with anger. This fun and engaging board game provides a variety of activities and strategies that players can use to help manage their emotions. So whether you’re looking for autism learning materials or just something to help improve communication, Emotional Rollercoaster is a perfect choice!

Emotions and Feelings Cards Game, Social Skills Activities

Looking for a fun way to help your kids learn about emotions? Look no further than the Emotions and Feelings Cards Game, Happy Or Not! This board game is designed to help kids read and interpret facial expressions, body language, and emotional clues. It’s perfect for families with children who are just starting to learn about social skills – the included handbook provides clear instructions on how to play the game and teaches kids step-by-step how to identify different emotions. With six various boards, 54 cards (18 different emotions), and a detailed manual, the Emotions and Feelings Cards Game, Happy Or Not, is sure to keep your family entertained for hours!

Chat Chains – Fun Therapy Game for Kids, Counselors, and Families

Chat Chains is a unique and innovative new game that encourages kids, teens, and adults to communicate openly about their feelings. Developed by psychologists with decades of experience in the field, Chat Chains is an engaging and fun way to improve mental health and decrease loneliness. With 150 conversation topics included, Chat Chains provides various opportunities for meaningful conversations. Chat Chains is the perfect game for family time or group therapy! It is a fun and engaging way to get better to know each other and build relationships. Players earn points by asking questions and talking about each other. The top chatter each round becomes the winner! Chat Chains is recommended by therapists and teachers worldwide.

Learning Resources Growth Mindset Game for Boys Girls Teens 

Is your child struggling with anger management? Do they lack the growth mindset needed for success in life? This Growth Mindset Game for Boys Girls Teens is perfect for teaching kids how to approach difficult tasks with a can-do attitude. With fun, educational games, your child will learn the difference between fixed and growth mindsets and develop the skills needed to overcome frustration and anger. This fun and exciting game helps teach children to develop a growth mindset. As a result, they can better tackle challenges and learn from their mistakes with this new insight. The game is designed for children of all ages, girls and boys alike. It is perfect for use in the classroom or at home with the family.

My Feelings Emotions Board Game. Fun Educational Family

My Feelings Game is the perfect way to help kids explore and talk about their feelings. With 280 scenarios, 260 regulation strategies, and 24 movement cards, this game is sure to keep kids engaged and learning. The illustrated booklet introduces seven different kids with seven different feelings, and as players progress through the game, they will learn how to recognize emotions in themselves and others. By playing the My Feelings Game, children will develop valuable life skills that will set them up for success in all areas of life! My Feelings Game is the perfect way to get your children started on their emotional education! This game encourages kids to explore their feelings in fun, active (and sometimes ridiculous) ways. 

Social Skills Group Activities, 6 Board Games

Learning to get along with others is crucial for any elementary-age student. With this game, young learners can practice their social skills in a fun and engaging way. The games are perfect for use in small groups and will keep kids entertained by learning about important topics like communication and teamwork. This fun and interactive set includes six board games that help children learn important social skills. These games will encourage communication, empathy, and teamwork to make moral decisions. Perfect for use in small groups, this set is a great way to help kids interact better with others. So roll the dice, spin the spinner, and get ready for some fun social skills group activities!

Emotions Board Game Cards 

Emotion-OES helps unlock the potential in every child. It’s a fresh take on a long-beloved game of dominoes. Rather than numbers, players will match emotion icons with name pieces. The game pieces are larger than standard pieces to make them easier to grasp for young children or people with disabilities. With beautiful and colorful art, this engaging game is perfect for social development and practicing identifying emotions! For 2 to 6 players, ages four and up. Charming graphics and a fun, engaging game format will help children identify emotions. Perfect for use in the classroom or at home, the game includes multiple cards depicting various emotional expressions. 

CBT 123: The Hilariously Fun Game That Empowers Kids and Teens

CBT 123 is a hilariously fun game that empowers kids and teens! This unique game uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to teach kids how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. Players work to pick up sets of 1, 2, and 3 cards, acting out the fun situations on the sets. CBT 123 is extremely easy to learn and put into practice. Do you want to help your kids and teens learn to think more positively and manage their emotions? Then they need CBT 123! This hilarious game is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, and helps players learn how thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are connected. It’s perfect for ages 7-16 and can be played with 2-4 players. 

Block Happy – Award-Winning Hilarious Family Game

This hilarious game is all about battling it out to become the happiest person in the room. With 75 fun, unique and cute character cards, you never know who will win until the last minute. So gather your friends and family and get ready for some serious laughs. Block Happy is the perfect game for the whole family! Not only will you have a blast playing, but you’ll also be learning about emotions. This clever game uses works of art cards to depict different emotions. So whether you’re trying to keep control of your happiness or take it from someone else, this game is sure to provide endless entertainment.

Social Emotional Games NoWaries S.T.O.R.M. 

War was never so much fun! With Social Emotional Games NoWaries S.T.O.R.M., you’ll learn to identify and use emotional words in sentences with ease. This engaging game is perfect for anyone who wants to develop their social and emotional skills. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to S.T.O.R.M the competition! This therapeutic card game is designed to help kids ages five and up learn how to deal with their emotions in a fun and engaging way. With cards featuring positive affirmations and cute illustrations, this game will help your little one grow into an emotionally healthy adult. 


Now that you have read the article, you are ready to start your journey of teaching your kids social-emotional skills. These games are great tools to bring laughter and joy to your family and teach your kids necessary skills like optimism, empathy, gratitude, mindfulness, etc. 

Best of all, they are inexpensive and readily available! Plus, the games double as a tool to bond with family and friends, which is never a bad thing! 

This article should have made you realize that teaching your children social-emotional skills will benefit them in the long run and add value to your relationship with them.

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