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How To Play Genius The Square Board Game

How to play Genius Square board game
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Looking for a STEM board game the whole family can enjoy at home and on the go? Cue Genius Square board game. This innovative game uses different shapes to fill the grid as you roll the dice! It’s great for learning to identify and solve complex problems. Check out our full review below for this challenging game with 60,000+ solutions!

Recommended age for Genius Square

Genius Square is recommended to be played by 1-2 people and is suitable for children and adults of the ages 6 and older. Genius Square is manufactured by “the Happy Puzzle Company”. Although this isn’t noted on the box, we find it’s usually a very fast game and only takes a few minutes.

What is inside the board game?

Inside the Genius Square box, you will find four different types of pieces. First, you will see two black game boards, then 14 wooden ‘blocker’ pieces, 18 colored shapes, and lastly 7 dice.

How do you play Genius Square?

Each player will get one game board which has 36 small squares for the blockers and colored shapes to fit into, 7 blockers, and 9 colored shapes. Next,  someone will roll all seven dice and both contestants will place their blockers into whatever squares the dice show. Finally, at the same time, the two players will try to fit the colored shapes into the squares that surround the blockers. The first to fill their entire square wins. If you’re playing by yourself, you’ll do the same steps, just won’t be competing against anyone.

What are the Genius Square Rules?

Genius Square doesn’t have many rules, but there are of course a few. First of all, you cannot place the blockers into random places or move them into any squares other than what the dice show. Also, you have to fill all 36 squares to win and may not take any of the other person’s colored shapes.

Who is this game good for?

This game is good for people who like a challenge and have a competitive spirit! It’s got many benefits from playing and is also just really fun. It’s also a great game if you’re on the go because it’s such a small box that it’s really easy to transport

Are there any learning or benefits to the game?

There are definitely learning benefits from Genius Square! It will help you learn to see patterns and teach your brain great spatial awareness skills.

What’s great about the game?

What I like about the Genius Square is that it’s really easy to take with you anywhere and it’s such a fun and competitive game. When we were on vacation we would bring it to dinner every night and play while we waited or just bring it around the hotel to play because you can really bring it anywhere! We even played it in the airport while waiting for our flight!

What would improve the game?

I love this game so much, but there is one thing I would definitely improve with it. The box only comes ready to play for two people, so they should add more sets so that you can play with more than just one or two people. We even bought another whole Genius Square game just so that we could play with three or four people instead of just one or two.

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