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The Best Board Game Storage Solutions

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Photo Credit: Etsy and Wayfair

Do you have board games stacked upon each other that need to be reorganized and properly stored for easy access and use? We have the best storage solutions for you!

Christmas is right around the corner. People are already thinking about what to get friends and family for the holidays! If you’re like me, you may be wondering, “What can I gift my loved ones this year? What do they really want this holiday season?” 

As a board game enthusiast who plays games multiple times per week, I have the answer, board games! But first, where will they store all of their new board games? I have some great storage solutions! Have you ever given any thought to how you keep your board games organized? 

If the latter sounds like it applies to you, this blog post will be of great assistance. In addition, there are several different storage options that can assist you in keeping your board games organized and easy to locate!

Board Game Travel Bag

Board Game Travel Bag
Photo Credit: Etsy

This travel bag comes in ten distinct designs. Bring your favorite board games, party games, and card games with you wherever you go in this medium-sized (9.5″ x 7.5″ x 4″) fabric travel bag. The cushioned bag lets you carry games without having to worry about damaging corners or dragging around big boxes. The small, light build makes it more suited for traveling than other hefty, bulky choices. This bag is also ideal for going to a D&D night or another RPG session. 

Settlers Custom Wood Board Game Storage Box

Settlers Custom Wood Board Game Storage Box
Photo Credit: Etsy

This custom box and cardholder for fans of the Settlers board game is created using MDF and is one-of-a-kind as it can be personalized. To customize your box, you’ll need to purchase customization in addition to your box purchase. The box includes 1 wooden special edition box, 4 or 6 little bags for cities, settlements, and roads, and 1 bag for tokens and harbor pieces. Card Holders include 2 wooden card holders, 1 for wood, brick, and sheep and 1 for wheat, ore, and development cards. Card holders also has 3 colors, maple, cherry and alize.

Board Game Table Topper

Board Game Topper
Photo Credit: Etsy

This Board Game Table Topper will keep your favorite games, card games, brainteasers, and other activities in one place! Board Game table topper dimensions are 58 inches by 35 inches by 2.5 inches. In addition, the dimensions of the table are 47 inches wide by 28 inches long. A detachable neoprene mat covers the playing surface. In addition, there are four built-in cup holders (stainless steel cups are removable for easy cleaning). The Table Top is constructed of a sturdy polyethylene surface and can be stained in a color of your choice before being treated with an anti-slip finish.

Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Jigsaw puzzle board
Photo Credit: Etsy

The Jigsaw Puzzle Board is 30″ x 40″ (working area 38 1/2″ x 28 1/2″). This board has four slide-out drawers for organizing puzzle pieces off to the side of the main board. The drawers measure 19 1/2″ width by 13 3/4″ length, with complete borders on all sides. The main board has a 3/4″ high border around it to keep extra puzzle pieces and parts in the workspace. Slide the drawers in for storage and move the overall board to transport the entire board to a different space. Finally, everything is finished in smooth and clear satin polyurethane and expertly made by a craftsman!

The Board Game Vault Table Plans

Board Game Table Plans
Photo Credit: Etsy

Everything you’ll need to know to construct your own Board Game Vault Table is included in this digital PDF download.  This comprehensive document is 40+ pages long and covers everything from materials and tools that list detailed instructions with full drawings for constructing every component of your table; it has it all! Table dimensions are 40″ x 60″ with a playing surface of 34″ x 54″. Although the plans have been prepared for such measurements, the table may easily be modified to custom fit your needs.

Cubitos Dice Containers

Cubitos Storage
Photo Credit: Etsy

For fans of Cubitos, this is a set of 8 containers that may be used for storage and in-play organization. Each container is engraved on the back and inside with the matching die face. The top and bottom containers each have a sliding cover that stays open during play and can be closed for storage. They can all hold the die card (both sleeved and unsleeved) for easy access.  Each container measures 65 x 65 x 23 mm.

Board Game Storage and Display Boxes

Board Game Storage Display
Photo Credit: Etsy

This wooden board game storage box is ideal for storing and displaying your most beloved games. Keep your board games organized and on display on a beautiful wall display, while also keeping the clutter at bay. All of the game’s components are stored in the box. Materials used in handcrafting these boxes include wood, glue, nails, and paint.

Modular Game Storage – Villainous

Villainous Storage Game
Photo Credit: Etsy

The finest storage for your Villainous board game. Trays for cards, tokens, and small playing pieces are included in all modules.  A second expansion module has also been introduced. The modules are all the same size and connect to create a tower. The height of some modules varies depending on the contents. Cases and drawers are popular storage options as they can be put together for a permanent, portable structure, but allow for further development. 

Eberley 24” H x 39.2” W Standard Bookcase

Board Game Book Case
Photo Credit: Wayfair

This bookcase features a movable divider that can be used to divide the 36 letter-size compartments into six sections, creating enough space for all of your board games. Adult assembly required by joining four headboard supports together and attaching each shelf assembly to its corresponding frame piece to complete this excellent storage device.

10 Compartment Cubby

Photo Credit: Etsy

No matter what board games you love to play, this cubby will keep them organized. The Pacon Corporation 10 Compartment Cube fits most game sizes and shapes because there are plenty of open spaces for storage with shelves that can hold even more! Each shelf measures 3” H x 10” W x 12.5” D. It’s the perfect size for any playroom and fits a board game perfectly!

Better Homes & Gardens 16-Cube Storage Organizer

Better Homes & Garden storage organizer
Photo Credit: Etsy

The Better Homes & Gardens 16-Cube Storage Organizer provides a stylish look to any space while adding functionality and versatility. This cube organizer, which comes in a variety of colors and designs and includes 16; 13″ x 15″ x 13″ compartments is ideal for displaying books, collectibles, photographs, artwork, storage bins, and baskets (not included). In addition, the cubes are great for organizing electronic equipment with their open-back design. 

Oskar Adjustable Media Wall-Unit 756 Maple

Photo Credit: Etsy

The Maple Oskar is the ideal high-capacity multimedia cabinet for storing all your media and board games. In addition, you have room to store pictures or decorative pieces in some of the compartments. The sturdy structure has a closed back. The storage capacity of this entertainment center is fantastic, using it for collectible DVDs, Blu-ray, and CD collections as well. Take advantage of all the storage space with endless adjustable shelves to maximize your board game collection. It’s built with a sturdy base to support it against the wall and the kit comes with an extended base as well for anchoring it to the wall.


Now that you know of the best board game storage options, you can purchase one for your collection! No matter what you choose, this will keep your collection and games organized and accessible. Pick one that suits you, your board games, and your storage space the best. If you only have 2 or 3 board games, a smaller piece may fit you better than needing a larger storage container for those who have 5 or 10 board games!

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