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Board Games for 6-Year-Olds: The Best Way to Engage Your Child!

board games for 6-year-olds
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These board games for 6-year-olds provide a fun play and learning activity to start building upon kids’ critical thinking skills.

Do you have a little one who’s just six years old? Maybe you’re looking for ideas on what to get them as a gift. Well, here’s some 12 great board games that are perfect for kids ages six years old. These educational games will help your child learn to read, use math skills, problem solve, and develop social skills with friends or family. Let’s check them out!

4-Way Shut the Box Dice Game

This durable wood dice game starts by rolling dice and laying down tiles that add up to the dice sum. Each board has a number printed clearly on it. There are ten numbers on each board, one for each player. The game’s detailed rules can also be customized.

Shut the Box board game is a fun game for 1-4 players age 6 years and up.

Operation Game

This updated version is a refresh of the classic favorite, complete with amusing ailments! Kids will enjoy “operating” on Cavity Sam to get him better because he’s feeling under the weather. Attempting to remove all of Cavity Sam’s amusing maladies without getting “buzzed” will make your child giggle with delight and grab the tweezers.

The classic operation game puts kids in the role of a doctor while attempting to keep them away from the
Features thirteen amusing ailment segments. When you put tweezers to the tip of your nose, it glows brightly.
To win, you must remove the most diseases from your opponents. Children have the option of playing by themselves or with other children.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Let’s face it little kids especially 6 year-olds are full of big emotions. It’s healthy to discuss them with kids and describe when they are feeling anger. This board game attempts to help kids cope and calm down when angry in a fun game where they can learn to express themselves better and learn about self-expression as well.

Players will learn that they have the freedom to experiment with different ways of dealing with stress and anxiety if the first one doesn’t work for them. This is a great resource for parents and educators who are looking for materials to help their children who struggle with big feelings.

Baturu Magnetic Dart Board for Kids

Since these are magnetic darts, this is a safe dart game for children. Playing this game helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and math skills while also having a blast! To make your gameplay have the least amount of errors, players must follow the additional rules outlined below:

-If one dart lands on an odd number, then any darts that land on even numbers are removed from play (they get to stay there without counting). Do not count towards the score.

 -Only one dart may be placed in a given space.

-If there are already 2 darts in a given space, the person is not allowed to place another.

Jenga Giant Game for Kids

Who doesn’t love a gam of Jenga let alone a giant one? This giant Jenga wooden game is sized just right for little ones. With the Jenga GIANT game, you can build a tower up to over five feet high when you’re playing!

Once your game board is set up, each player must take a turn removing 1 block.  You’re only allowed to pull out a single block on your turn.  If it causes the whole tower to fall over, then you lose!

If you can pull out a block without causing the tower to fall, then your turn is over, and the next player takes a turn. The game continues until someone wins by successfully removing all of their blocks from Jenga without losing them all.

The Game of Life Junior

The Junior version of the classic favorite Game of Life board game lets you pick your own exciting journey! Much like the grown-up version, this game is fast-paced and exciting, but the rides are way cooler!

Choose between the Blue Wheeler, the Pink Cruiser, the Yellow Speedster, or the Green Rider, and get ready to enjoy the ups and downs of life!

Have a blast on amazing beaches or zoo adventures – the choice is yours! See how your destiny is affected by your collection of stars as well as Action cards and Attractions such as the Museum or the Chocolate Factory. Win if you can get to 10 stars before anyone else. 

Story Time Chess

Chess is an educational game and studies show that playing chess has a positive impact on the development of young minds.

Story Time Chess breaks down chess into a fun story time for kids to understand easily.

The chessboard game features award-winning Disney illustrator Ryan Terry’s storybook and custom chess pieces. Each chessboard has a distinct history and function, and each one takes on a personality of its own as the game progresses. Find out where King Chomper goes in his kingdom. Take a look at how Queen Bella governs her people while also making new friends. Chess concepts are taught to children in a fun and engaging way.

Rapoda Sapele Wood Backgammon Board Game Set

The age-old game of backgammon calls for both strategy and good fortune and is a great classic game to teach young children.

This Ropoda backgammon is visually appealing, will last and is durable (something that is important when you have kids!) Features a beautiful wooden design made of sapele wood.

Catan Junior Board Game

This is a favorite among my kids and adults who love Catan will delight in sharing their favorite game with this kid-friendly version.

Gameplay takes place on the mysterious Spooky Island, where the Ghost Captain calls home. It’s an excellent strategy game for kids. Wood, goats, molasses, or cutlasses are just a few of the resources that each island produces. There’s also gold to be found.

This adventure game for kids begins with two pirate strongholds who must construct ships in order to broaden their network of pirate strongholds and encampments. Adding more lairs increases your chance of receiving more resources. Build a fleet, a lair, or enlist the help of Coco the Parrot, a sage. Additionally, you’ll be able to trade in the nearby marketplace.

Families will love playing Catan Junior together and it’s a great strategic game for 6-year-olds and up.

The Floor Is Lava Board Game

If your kids love watching The Floor Is Lava game show they will love this board game version.

Players must imagine the floor to be hot molten lava while spinning a color wheel to jump to the appropriate foam pieces to avoid being scalded. The Floor is Lava! is a fun game for the whole family that gets everyone moving, thinking, and excited.

The game includes a game spinner, 27 challenge cards, and 25 colored foam “safety stones.”

Stare Junior Board Game for Kids

Children’s visual memory skills are put to the test and trained in the STARE! JUNIOR board game.

Every card in the deck has a 30-second timer. The images are interesting and appealing to children. Any of these things, as well as a comic or animation, can be considered illustrations. One of your opponents will flip it over after your time is up and test your memory recall by asking you several questions about the image that’s on it. What’s the object in the clown’s left hand holding? What shade of pink is the young lady’s party cap? If you’re correct, you’ll move up the leaderboard.

Children have the option of participating either individually or as part of a team. Perfect for a night of gaming with the family!

Picktureka Board Game for Kids

Playing the Pictureka! game will make you laugh out loud as you race to find it first and fastest! If a dinosaur appears on a tile card, who will find it first? Consider finding loud or outlandish hairstyles. Players build anticipation with each new round by selecting from a variety of mission cards, each with a unique category. Players are tasked with locating an item that appears just once on the tiles when they play a blue card.   

Red allows players to bid on how many of a particular object they can find – the highest bidder gets to play, but need to get the amount they bid to get the card. To discover as many items as possible with green cards, players must roll the die against the clock. It’s a mad dash to find the image and shout “Pictureka” first! This fun board game for the whole family is suitable for players aged 6 and up.

Board games are a great way for 6-year-old kids to learn about teamwork and cooperation. They develop their strategic thinking and organization skills. These games also help kids with their vocabulary and language skills. Playing board games allows parents to spend quality time with their children while having fun themselves!

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